Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.

I have been tangling since 2017, and I can honestly say that it has become a tool that I use regularly to handle the ebb and flow of daily life.
Zentangle is a mindfulness and relaxation tool that uses repetitive patterns as the focus. Using a single pen, predefined tangle patterns, and a structured step by step process, you will find your mind and body easily relax into every pen stroke. And yes, anyone can do it!! You do NOT need to be creative, artsy, crafty or any other perceived skill. All you need to do is try. Part of Zentangle is to embrace YOUR individuality and style, so while we teach a specific process and philosophy, we always encourage your own journey.

One common misconception is that Zentangle is just glorified doodling. While I think that both are forms of art and creativity, Zentangle and doodling are philosophically VERY different. Zentangle embraces a MINDFULNESS practice, where all of your senses are participating together to accomplish one goal. Zentangle also follows a very specific process of steps that help to support your relaxation. Doodling is a mindLESS skill, where your mind is elsewhere while you are randomly doing pen strokes on paper.

If you are looking for a mindfulness and relaxation skill in your life, that you can
use anywhere, at anytime, with minimal expense and time,
then Zentangle is exactly what you need to fulfill that need.

Are you intrigued yet? All you need to proceed is one class! Yup, after just one Zentangle 101 class you will know the philosophy and steps toward starting your own Zentangle journey. After that class, you can continue on your own, or you can attend any of my Zentangle classes in any order. You just need the basics first!