Life’s precious moments are too valuable to be forgotten.  No matter what occasion has touched your heart, there’s a sentimental art piece to capture the soul of that memory!

In ancient times, Day Lilies were used as a popular funeral flower because people believed that the bright color of the flower would heal your soul.  Embracing that tradition, my memorial Day Lily contains a picture of your loved one, their birth/death years, and an original poem.  It’s a keepsake that will capture your heart and the essence of your memories that go with it.

Wedding celebrations are the ultimate symbols of love and it deserves to be accented with sentimental custom designs.  I specialize in custom details that capture your special day!  Below are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  • Custom sheet music flower shaped from the sheet music of your wedding song.
  • Photo flowers at the ceremony that display photos of your loved ones who’ve passed.
  • Custom gift boxes as favors or bridal party gifts.
  • Watercolor sculpted Day Lilies monogrammed with the bride and groom names and wedding date.
  • Reception Centerpieces made from sheet music roses, using the bride and groom’s favorite songs.

Traditionally, theater/musical performers receive live flowers at the end of their shows.  But those flowers wither away within a week, leaving only dried up petals behind.

My flowers are personalized and last forever!  For musical performers, a sheet music flower, using the song performed, is the perfect keepsake!  For theater performers, a watercolor Day Lily can be monogrammed with the show name, their part, the dates, and the theater name.

The most special part of the performer series is that flowers can be purchased as a long stem and as each show is finished, the current flower can be added into the same vase as all the previous flowers.  It becomes your own custom scrapbook centerpiece that honors every performance!

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