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The Sentimental Gift takes flowers to a whole new level!

Sheet Music Flowers
Commemorate any special moment in life by owning a rose artistically created from the sheet music of your favorite song, alma mater, wedding song, lullaby, or something that instantly makes you remember a special moment in your life.

Photo Flowers
Your garden should contain things that you love and what could be better than photos of your loved ones!  Each petal is formed using images (digitally sent) that you provide, 6 photos per flower.

Watercolor Flowers
Watercolor sculpted flowers are my signature creation!  Each flower is hand painted watercolor paper, carefully crafted into a unique and beautiful flower.

A one of a kind work of art, each centerpiece is customized to your specifications, occasion, and budget!

Memorial Flowers
Honor a loved one by memorializing them on a Day Lily, including their name, birth/death years, and an original memorial poem.

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